I am a sensitive woman.


As a psychic who sees and senses so much in the world, it is only after years of experimentation that I would ever have the courage to present myself as one. In fact, I’ve spent years trying to avoid it all together, saying a lot of other things besides what I really perceive of the world around me.

The truth is, it’s now mine; my sensitivity is really my gift. Now, I can look back on my struggles to manage my sensitive nature as Sacred Initiation towards my own Service in this world.

My training is 15 years with the Vedic Sciences, 10 years with Hand Medicine/ Natural Therapeutics and 6 years with Psychic/Trance Medium Seminary Studies.

I love to swim in light-filled water, to rest deeply, to make-love, to dance, to sing, to defend what and who I love, to learn voraciously, spend tons of time alone, decorate, beautify, write, create, organize, receive visions, tend to land, listen to my plants, watch the skies and push the very edges of reality wider and more purely open.

Thank you for taking the time to read about me and I hope to learn about you too.

With love,