We are Bioluminescence: An Esoteric + Scientific Look

The Core Current is a (palpable, biological,) and measurable electromagnetic current.  The model of Core Synchronism demonstrates that (Dr. Randolph Stone’s) Ultrasonic Core is the electromagnetic current which drives the movement of the cerebrospinal fluid, directs the growth of the physical anatomy, and whose waters are the perfect medium through which all structures in the visible anatomy communicate with all structures in the invisible anatomy.  


Because salts in CSF, like potassium and magnesium, ionize in water, they are capable of conducting an electric current.  It is this electricity, which is the vertically channeled current inside the CSF (and each cell’s organizing axis, as well), which is a part of and is contained by Core Synchronism’s Core Current.  


The Core practitioner pauses the current thereby moving the fluids in the body.  As the fluid moves the tide builds and as the tide builds, its volume increases.  As volume increases, electrical conductivity amplifies.   This amplification catalyzes both a shift in the action potential of ions (which puts them back into relationship with their neutral organizing axis) and bioluminescence (“production and emission of light by a living organism”) within the CSF, which redistributes the qualities of light throughout the biofield.  Resignation of our bioluminescence catalyzes our inevitable Return back to our Neutral organizing axis.  Returning to Neutral, we relax.  By relaxing, we Heal.


Core Practitioners need not spend time deep in the client’s patient history or traumatic story, yet are often able to respond more thoroughly to the actual disorganized patterns which are a result of trauma.  All information needed by a cranial therapist is already in the dissynchronistic patterning of tissues.  Waiting for the client’s life force to respond, building energetic rapport with the client, and even manual corrections of subluxations are unnecessary to a Core practitioner.  In fact, there is no need to link or ‘entrain’ the fields of client and therapist at all; synchronization with Neutral is sufficient.  Our Neutral Mother Current (and its influence of Neutrality through the geometric patterns of our invisible anatomical template), is perfect entrainment itself.  


Core is non-pathology specific, 100% safe, and practitioners’ goal is the same for every patient:  in the time allotted, to assist every part to synchronize with the neutral field, after which the human organism is entirely self-healing.  

Once the CSF (qualities of sound and light carried therein) reach the periphery of the organism, an unparalleled state of relaxation is felt.  This is no ordinary relaxation.  Sympathetic nervous system reactions are disrupted, structures again flow without friction and interference, and true spaciousness is experienced by even the most skeptical client.


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