You are a Mystery School Unto Yourself: It's All In You

How could you not be?  Look at you already.  Blazing saddles through the wilds of your own perceptions.  

It's pretty exciting to know it, right?  Even when there's holes in the story;  if you know it, you just do.  If you are it, you just are.  

What's your way of Knowing?  

Do you follow the stars?  Do you read oracles?  Does your body tell you things, directions, premonitions in dreams?  I imagine there is a tapestry which weaves all around you.  Unfolds, rolls, bends, moves in right time with your questions and surfaces gems from your treasure box of lifetimes.    

Lean into this with all that you are, sister. Let your breath and your pulse spread the mysteries you are born to sow and reap be unbound and untethered.

Follow your map as though there is no other.