My Joy as a Natural Woman: Poetry In Motion

Eclipse Moments, January 31, 2018  

I am a natural woman.  I roll in the earth, rise and swell.  I want to be in my body, each moment, here, alive, just me.  The real, healed and aware; an incarnation, as a wellspring of organic light.  There is no other thing I wish to be. Just what I am is my true magic, the most accurate magic I know.  

With my feet on the earth, my heart close to the hearth I am alive, dressed for the season, immersed in the world, tending my garden, walking the hills, baring myself to the spirit all around me.  I listen for it's voice and it comes in waves of sensation through my body.  Telluric and free, it's language moves me to know what is beyond words and time; sets me on my course.  It is always this way, my life spent close, in search of the places and valleys, the smells and imaginings with the invisible world living in my cells, the soil and trees; making love. 

What it is that I know is mine to know.  I come now, through the same-made self of my flesh and stand firmly where I am.  The depth is not outside of me, it is glistening inside singing to it’s sisters all around it; to it’s brothers, rivers and bend.