How Being a Woman is Actually a Form of Intuition

We women are simply aware. In our most natural state, without trying, we see a lot of the world around us, we take a lot in. The female body is tuned to the big picture.

We biologically scan for berries, look for resources for our tribe, defend our children, and generally survey the grounds of wherever we are. We see into the future at times and we look, too, into the past as a part of our inherent physiological make-up.

This can be teased open to reveal even more nuanced skill.

The very things we are passively doing can turn into honed abilities within psychic studies and the management of energy and the energy of the world around us.

The magicians and the sorceresses throughout time are simply and only gaining strength to heal and change (or manipulate) based on physical laws.

It can be challenging if you’re “open” in these biological ways and then on top of that, you’re very sensitive to the energy all around you too. It becomes even more necessary to know how to direct it all.

Awareness is a powerful tool when it’s managed well. It takes courage to remove the taboos of society blocking the way but its possible and quite natural for women to already be very aware.

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