Psychic Tool Series: The Grounding Cord


The cause and cure of many a sensitivity to the environment and to relationships of all kinds, the Grounding Cord is a magical solution for sensitive souls.

Known by many a name in many a circle, this gem of a skill is something that cannot be ignored.

By using the imagination, it becomes a visual image that acts upon the physical senses. That’s why it seems like magic because it’s using the unseen anatomy to create a physical response.

In fact, it’s a very natural thing and is a part of the way that we are human…instead of it being just an after-thought or something we’ve had to invent in order to survive the onslaught of our modern world.

These are tools which have been forgotten; this information of how to care for ourselves on the energetic level. As you learn these tools, you transform the sensitivities into points of great power.

The Grounding Cord is imagined from the hips all the way to the center of the planet, securely fastened at each end with a release valve, allowing the body to flush any energy out of it which does not belong to you at that time.

Begin practicing at anytime to assist you in your daily life or on the grandest of adventures.