Why Your Cord-Cutting Ceremony Didn't Work and How To Fix It


So, you’re ready and standing on the precipice of a moment in your life, ready to release the past and


make your own choices instead of being bound to something old and worn.  You’ve got the skills in place and you have the belief in your own sovereignty and potential.  

You cut the cord and soon after realize that it didn’t hold.  

Your body feels the same and the person, group or event is still behaving in the same way as though it never left in the first place.  

What happened to change the results or why didn’t it hold?  

This is a really in-depth question and one that deserves a closer look.

Here are 3 possible reasons it didn’t completely go away or was re-corded, despite your best efforts.

To begin, there were probably more layers to the issue involved than just the one cord. That cord was only connecting one of your chakras to one of theirs and there could be cords in multiple chakras.

While it’s hard to see for yourself, it may also be that there is something much older inside of you that is actually the cause of the cord. 

In that case, this will be an older cord, so look back and let your awareness float to the answer. It will be a cord with a person or an event. The beauty of using your imagination to do this work is that you have a great deal of access to the information you possess, especially when you’re not trying to analyze it.

Allow your imagination take you to the older cord and take a look at how it’s effecting you before you cut it. This older one will have the juice. It will have been in your life for a while. It’s been there for so long, why not take a moment to research it and see what it’s been up to.  

Secondly, in some cases, it may be that cord was reinstated because the other person doesn’t want to let you go.  This can be quite tricky and can feel defeating.  It’s not a pretty picture when someone is keeping you locked in an energetic exchange.  

When that is happening, it’s important to recognize that the cord you cleared with them is different from the karma you have together. In the same way that you cut a cord, you can also clear karma.  You can recognize that the cord is one effect of the karma and the karma is the glue. 

You can clear the karma by using your imagination to ask your akashic record keeper to do the work.  She is a part of you and you know her well, even if you’ve never spoken with her before. You can ask her to help you and sit back and observe any sensations you feel in your body while that is happening.   

Lastly, the ceremony might not have worked because it takes time to develop these skills.

It’s often the case that though you intend for something to happen, you didn’t have the skill level to yet to really do what you wanted.  

It takes a lot of practice to create the physical world with thoughts and imagination. 

Rest assured that Focus leads to efficiency which brings about tangible results.  We’re often so busy just wondering if the thing we thought we did actually happened that we’re not quite at the level to really make it happen.  Once you can go beyond that need to validate the situation itself, you are able to apply greater focus during the actual ceremony.  

Cutting cords really is an effective tool to use on your own or with the help of others. It’s ok if it doesn’t clear or “cut” on the first try and it’s a good idea to keep yourself calm and simply take further steps to either repeat the process or look more deeply into why the cord was there in the first place. You won’t come up short in the long run when you practice these kinds of imaginative tools as you will be gaining in the strength of your own clairvoyance little by little, cultivating your abilities with each step.