Why Nature Cure is Your Birthright and How To Use It

Alchemy is the only word I have to describe the way things are going these days.  This would imply being able to withstand high heat and pressure in order to transform internally into a purified and valuable form.  

Perhaps a key to using the energy of this time is simply that, no "matter" what  ~growth happens~  despite all efforts.  There is the option to struggle along with the struggle or come into some ease with it all.  I don't think this means letting go of the steering wheel or abandoning intentions.  I think it may illuminate how to steer more effectively.  

When I can get into my body and bring it to a song-like sensation of relaxation, allowing it to be safe and just as it needs to be ~ just as it is~ then I am more able to access the miraculous-type state while feeling comfortable in my own skin.  This also applies to the depth of personal transformation.  The same quality of being at ease in the body, though counterintuitive while under pressure, actually makes the growth easier.  

We are build to Move at our own pace, to be able to Change what does not work for us and to Renew the course of our lives to suit our ever-changing pursuits.  The seasonal and societal changes at hand are demanding new skill-sets. They are asking that we learn to use the surge of energy in the collective and planetary awareness to create in our lives instead of being tossed about.