Persephone's Victory is Hard Won: Healing Journey To the Underworld

Persephone comes steadily out of her death journey and into the lush spring life. She walks quietly and tenderly at first because she cannot move any faster.  The green touches her eyes at every turn reminding her, she belongs in the world.  The soft grass under her feet shows her the tender places still exposed in her body; her soul.  

"Entropy and creativity are an eternal dance played out in the universe we inhabit. Many mythologies have captured this dance...which both destroys and creates all that exists", writes Richard Rudd in his epic book of unfolding, Gene Keys.    

The resistance to the entropy is what halts the natural completion of the full cycle of creativity.  We have to 'go down' in order to come back up.  When we try to snap out of our low point too quickly, the new and intangible does not have enough time to gestate.  The feelings of death are the actual beginnings of new life.       

With this understanding, we eventually become masterful at the unwinding and letting go.  Each person's cycle is different in timing and breadth of release.  The practice of relaxation is very important in learning how to manage what can eventually be seen for the larger, overarching cycles they actually are.  

My work encourages and teaches tools for relaxation.  Often the simple gesture of releasing the resistance to an event or topic will bring about the ability to alter events.  The bigger the 'death', the more relaxation is needed.  Surrender is a word which comes at the other end of the spectrum of the Beginning.  I teach that all action made within natural law and the forces which govern us is a form of relaxation; it is a way to move with life and to use it's great currents as our own.