At the End is the Beginning: A Look at the I-Ching


The trees above me opening so wide with all their foliage fanning in the slight breeze, the constant motion of the elements exchanging weight and temperatures. Thinking of the still places, the places of rest, the ones who have seen me grow, the far away shores I always see in my periphery, the others kneeling in the earth making something for someone too.  The sweetest breeze finds its way after the howling winds.  When the finish line completes what comes next is the endless, timeless point of no return; it is the total surrender, unabashed and unreconsilable.  

In the Book of Changes, what comes at the very end is the opening into the unknown.  The entire book wounds itself around methodical and mystical instructions on the various experiences life brings.  It gives analysis to the ebb and flow of interaction both individual and collective.  When applied strategically to a moment in time it can be quite effective.  When applied as a strategy for a lifetime it is given it's real pronunciation.  

Finding Life Purpose in these types of strategic forms of study makes all the difference in a lifetime.  I offer a reading of this type as a single session or as the first session in my Mentorship Program.