How the Master Cell Healing Can Transform Illness


I've been doing healing on the Master Cell lately.  

This is the imaginative location of the container for all the cellular information in the body.  It is contained by that which holds the genetic information.  When these two storage bins are cleaned out, they can be set to vibrate throughout the whole being, updating all of the cells and genes in their most healthy relationship to disease and illness.  

The way I have been taught, is that we each intend to use disease and illness in a certain way as learning ground on a soul level.  I've learned to respect this process as it plays itself out in the appropriate timing.  Beyond that, the remainder of what we have in our storage bin is simply an accumulation of outside information we have picked up along the way.  It is very important to clean this extra storage out.  

Recently, I've even been thinking that disease it not at all natural to the human condition.  I actually think that our resting state is vibrant, transparent and full of ease.  I think we possess clear seeing, clear communicating and natural boundaries.  I am not at all convinced that we have earned such accumulations as disease and illness present though perhaps we must develop strong enough tools to address them in their energetic form.  

Fortunately, we have natural remedy inside our own anatomy.  

The light, the sound and their movement are the neutral aspects of the body that contain this remedy.  The body's symptoms are the route home and nature is the map used to get there.  The process of healing is about listening well enough to ourselves.