The Threshold Between Lifetimes: A Close Look at Spiritual Anatomy


I've been practicing waking early in the morning and watching the threshold from my dreams open into the early dawn on the front porch.  There is so much to explore about that bridge I cross each day from sleeping to waking; there is so much power there to know.  

When I really began looking at life like a purposefully functioning, light-filled design with specific movements and containers, it started to seem like something I could really get into.  At this point it does not cease to surprise me and to be able to say what kind of surprises I want is my ultimate enjoyment.  

There's a helpful method I use when coming out of dreams and into waking daily life in order to transition and make the most of out of both my ability to be in and out of my body.  

The tool I'd like to share today has to do with the all-important crown chakra where information is buzzing around at the top of the head.  This is where the astral-self re-enters the body after a night of explorations and adventures or after even a night of being stuck somewhere and in someone else's version of things (nightmare).  Either way, it is anatomically where the spirit returns to the body.  

Since we have all been to both sides of that coin, the real goal is not to worry about where you have been, it is to observe the process so you can make choices around the type of experience you want to have in your body and in your dreams.  

If you notice what your crown chakra looks like or if it is feeling heavy or light you can get an idea of what you may need.  Maybe you feel really spaced out, dreamy or maybe you feel like there's not much room for your own thoughts with a lot of pressure on top of your head.  

An easy catch-all solution is to give your crown, in your own imagination, some golden color of healing light.  You may want to do this on repeat until the sensation you first noticed when you woke up begins to change.  The power of this color itself neutralizes anything in its path.  When we can really know it to be or actually See it as a translucent radiant light, the effects can be very rewarding.  

The whole premise is that spirit speaks in symbols, images and colors.  Instead of just accepting whatever physical, mental and emotional state you find yourself in upon waking from sleep, try giving to yourself some colorful nourishment and see what happens.  

I will follow-up next week with some simple steps of how to prepare to go to sleep and become successful in having more choice in your dreams.