Scales of Balance


There was already a soft, undulating energy in the old home when I arrived, sitting outside on the front stoop for the first part of my time there, just sensing the history and the overview of what the property needed.   It was soft but forgotten, whispering its past and calling to be noticed.  The old beautiful tree out front was very strong in its presence and in showing me what had come to pass there beneath its shade.  

Because the property had been forgotten for years, impacted by the energetic effects of the construction which had built up around it on all sides, the very land itself was not breathing well.  It was holding itself separately from the earth, frozen and on pause.  The first task was to help the foundation of the house, on all 4 corners, to ground to the center of the planet, giving it a location and a place to release all of its history and stories making room for new life.  This happened quickly, but for one corner of the house which was stuck and not letting me get through.  The tenants confirmed that they had wanted to set up their work-desks in that exact spot yet had chosen a different room because it felt so uncomfortable for them to be there.  

April, the photographer, who is also my dear friend and a trained psychic, put down her camera and helped me to clear the room since what I found was a lot for me to manage quickly.  We were able to help the spirit who was stuck there to move on and clean the imprint of his death from the corner of the house, creating a bright a light-filled spiritual environment.  The home could really being to settle at this point of the healing.  

We lit some sage bundles with the tenants and shared in the ceremony of purifying the home using these ancient, aromatic plants.  Everyone took turns making their own prayers and bring each of our special gifts to the home.  

In the second story, was a separate apartment, recently rented out by two young women who had not moved in yet.  I went up there and began to sing to the whole house, calling it into a unified location, beckoning to the lives that had been lived there and imprint themselves to be brought together and purified.  I found the house was eager to come together and the many many imprints of human lives were not so much personalities and ghosts, as they were aspects of the whole that were geometrically stuck and separated out from each other.  The more my voice could resonate and carry through the home, through the walls, the more the house came together, vibrated out of the stuck points and awakened into a union.  When the second song came out of me, it was really when the bulk of the healing of the house was competed.  The frequencies were responsive to the fresh impulse I presented.  I could not escape the energies passing through my body as they were leaving and I wept as the century of people lives unlocked and were released from their dwelling place, returning home at last.  

I went to the earth in the back of the home and put my body close to her, listening and reminding her of her power, ease and grace, speaking directly to the great feminine guardian of the earth.  I waited until she was breathing deeply beneath me and then I invited small beings to come hold the healing frequency of the home.  I called to the devas of the land, the great praries of the plains and height of the Texas Hill Country to own the spaces above the ground in the way only they can.  

When I perform a healing, it is a balancing between the clearing of the underworld and the world of harmony being ushered in.  The healings are in my imagination and intent, encountering any number of obstacles and interferences along the path to equilibrium.  It is the goal to arrive to a deeper state of balance, permission and neutrality.  The neutral is in the middle; it is the middle way.  It is also something that is alive and active, bringing animation itself into form.  

So, I look at all sides of what I am healing; I cannot shy away from the pain and suffering of a place.  This is the search for something transcendent to the self.  From a focused point of silence and stillness, we can live the good, true and beautiful as a servant of Spirit.  And through this, it is also a beautiful, sexual, psychic and magical preparation for the eventual regeneration that comes after death.  

All healing ultimately means change.  Often, the space in-between the old and the new has a lot of trauma stuck inside of it and we hold steady while this is released.  At this point in human history, there cannot be enough healing.  We can consciously heal ourselves and our environments until we transcend it all together.  This is a tribute and a call to the priestesses and healers of our times who do this work tirelessly and for great benefit.  We are all healers, it is our birthright.  I place this story here to join with you and celebrate that we can.