Space Cleaning Ceremony


Finished the novel I was reading by the time I made it up to Granbury, TX to visit my favorite soul-friend and photographer....twist my arm!  
All said, I was in the right place at the right time to have my picture made beside a rabbit statue (the book is about rabbits) in the front yard of a historic home where I stayed for $30 a night!  
So many amazing images from our visit which I cannot wait to share here.  

My Work-From-Right-Where-I-Am Lifestyle is off to a very encouraging start! It's no small task indeed though I am so thrilled to be pursuing my Dreams and talents. For me, there's just been an essential key in pulling in all of my resources and commitments into a travel-size right now. I wouldn't trade the rocks in the road for anything. 
April Wood and I will be in Austin tomorrow to document a Spiritual Space Clearing Ceremony I've been asked to do for a non-profit organization called GirlForward
April will be sharing her media with them and we will be sharing it too. It's such a dynamic thing to do-both ancient and modern in it's revival and what it acknowledges.  

All of the amazing portraits I share here over the years to promote myself and my practice are all photo credits to
April Wood Photography
and will continue to be!  

I'm sending my Love!