When Is It Safe To Be Beautiful? Energy Really Affects Your Ability to Show-Up

It took me a long time as a sensitive woman to be able to show up in what beauty I possess. I did everything I could to keep attention away from me. I gained weight, shaved my head and wore square-shaped clothes. (Nothing wrong with any of these things, please!) I simply didn't have the energetic tools to be noticed as I am and to feel safe at the same time. 

It's a big deal when you're highly sensitive. It's extreme, I know, but I think it's quite real for many of us. We literally build ways of dodging energy. It's wild. Entire lifestyles, jobs and ways of being in the world can wrap around these reflexes. 

I'm not saying my journey is over, far from it, as I continue to press forward and learn more and more. 

Since seeking out tools to be able to show up WITH all of my perceptions instead of dimming or blocking them, I am more and more able to relax and not take every little thing so seriously. Not HAVE to take it seriously, rather. 

And it's basically, no matter what the actual physical look is, the real message I've translated into my own story is the ability to be just whatever I am. And often times, that's being <wayway> sensitive and able to perceive a lot of things that I prefer NOT to perceive. And it's ok. There's ways to manage it. There's ways to Be my whole self and I'm grateful to my schools and my teachers and the wild places I've had the courage to travel to because they have helped me so much in what has seemed like a very long journey. 

So, HAY! Check me out! Cute pose! Wink Wink

Please don’t hesitate to reach out and share your own story with me. I’d be honored to hear about the fears and victories which have defined your lifetime and your experience of being a sensitive you.


Katherine Barnidge