Psychic Tool Series: How you Know What You Know

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“The desire to remember yourself is the only desire which will take you into anything new. Paradoxically, we are unable to remember who we truly are because of the memories we keep creating.” -Gene Keys by Richard Rudd.

I recently saw an interview with Dr. Tenerai Trent whose story had me in tears for most of the interview she gave with Marie Forleo.

She said in the interview, “When we become grounded, fear and doubt, “I could have done that, I could have done this” will disappear because we know we have what it takes to achieve our goals in life.” (And this coming from a woman who faced unrelenting odds.)

I love how she’s pointing out a certain cause and effect between the chakras themselves. The more grounded (1st chakra) I can become, the more of my knowing I have for my own dreams (7th chakra).

This plays out time and again in how to mechanically work with our sensitivities and offers a wonderful plan of action.

The Crown chakra, or 7th, sits on top of the head and is the ability to access one’s own spiritual information. It’s a two-dimensional part of the self.

Some people are wide open in the crown and take in a lot of information from the world around them, while others have a less permeable design but still get build-up for sure.

It’s important to recognize that the Crown is more than just a location on the energetic body but also is a tool to use to manage sensitivities.

When you’re often times feeling like a radio tower and like you can’t turn your thoughts off at night, find concentration during the day, or find yourself having lots of conversations with others inside of your head, it’s a good indication that your crown chakra needs an energetic cleaning.

Dr. Trent’s instructions to Ground is just about the most mechanically sound advice I could imagine. Click here to receive the free grounding cord video.

When you put that grounding cord on, you are releasing all of the build up from the day out of your whole body including your crown chakra. You can feel it drain out of your body and if you’re very visual person, you can watch the energy drain away.

This affects the crown chakra by giving you room access your dreams and spiritual information without all the clutter and noise of everyone wanting your attention. Doing this at anytime during the day or before sleep at night will be an amazing ally in clearing your way through the details of life into the wide vista of your true goals.

There is nothing more precious than being able to have your own spirit (7th chakra) in your own body (grounded). If you choose to take the steps further and clean out all of the chakras, it really is a major step to remembering yourself and thus creating and living your dreams.