Energetic Power Spots in Egypt: The Afterlife

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The whole ground underneath me moved and the air began to spin as soon as I got off the bus.

It was a massive current of energy moving up from beneath me, changing the molecules of my body; totally inundated with a vast and sensual rhythm.

I was leveled. It was almost impossible to stand and I moved through an air that felt like plasma, as though it was pushing back upon me with a slight resistance. One woman in the group saw a past life I had there, as a little girl but I knew it wasn’t the memory of a past life that was causing the enormous sensations of energy all around me.

It wasn’t until half a year later that I stumbled upon an article on ancient-origins.net that showed me what I may have been experiencing was the sensations of an underground tunnel system depicting the Egyptian Underworld and the death journey itself.

“This path to the afterlife would have been different for different people, and it was thought to be difficult and dangerous, with the deceased having to overcome obstacles and dangerous creatures before reaching the afterlife”.

But following Egyptian paths deeper still, all systems of cosmology, cosmogony, religion, magic, and astrology were systemized with conceptual ‘paths’ which later emanated in the semi-occultic paths of Platonic geometry, the paths of the Jewish Kabbalistic tree of life, the paths of the Tarot system of late Medieval Europe, which all claim their origins in ancient Egyptian ‘paths of initiation’.

I had gone to Egypt to uncover the truth about death and to shake my fingers at the gods; I was angry with them. I was angry with the state of the world and the suffering I had known in my own life and everything around me. I knew there were mysteries I had to activate within myself in order to gain enough momentum to perceive the breathing whole of this world; the thing at the center of it, alive and well.

All this time later, I realize I was standing there, “uploading” an original imprint of the passagways of death just from being there, at that site in Saqqara, Egypt. My interpretation is these are the paths that often catch us into cycles of lifetimes that we’re not totally conscious we’re living. It explains a lot to me about how the incarnation process works and about how difficult it is to really live a real life, here and now.

For these reasons, it’s extremely important to clear energy. It’s not just the energy of the day we’ve got to clean-out but the energy of the lifetime. If we’re diligent, we then clear the energy of many lifetimes from experiences of getting lost and not being able to find the way. This can be the sense of being in the wrong place or being out-of-place, out-of-time or confused as to how you got down the road your life has taken; always nervous, anxious, rushed and invaded by the life paths of others. These are all symptoms of getting caught in the intricate passageways of the underworld.

You already know you’re an initiate of sorts and you know the paths of initiation are steeped with peril and the unknown. And you know that every time you go down-for-the-count you come back stronger than you were before. My observation is that this is not an endless ordeal. Just like there’s a map drawn in human-size tunnels underground to mark the way through this death process, there are also mechanics to how energy works, how it carries through lifetimes, how it binds us and pulls us towards certain people and patterns.

With properly breathing systems, all knots come undone, all confusion is released, all disorientation unwinds. The trick is to apply enough pressure to the knot; to give it enough time to get back to it’s natural state. That knot took a long time to get wound-up, so consider taking the full opportunity to study it while your getting it free.

Whatever that was, an underground map I received through the pores of my soul or what, was well worth the trip to get closer to things that are at the pulse of what is true for us all; to learn more about the true map inside of us.

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