The First Time I Was A Shepherdess: Story of The Shepherdess Brand

The first time I was. a Shepherdess, officially, was many years ago herding sheep in the north of Arizona. The grandmother, who was a very strong woman, would roll her eyes and tell me the sheep didn't need to be herded.

I went along for the long walk with them anyways over vast stretches of wild land steering them this way and that in designs and patterns, drifting. There were over a hundred sheep and that summer, Pauline Whitesinger grew 300 watermelon in the high desert!

At night I would see skin walkers, shapes darker than the pitch dark of night. The Hopi and Dine tribal counsels had been in spiritual battle over a sliver of land and the skin walkers were their way of playing out the battle.

I’ve not had many sightings like that, with my bare-naked eye. I see a lot with my mind’s eye but not something that takes form like that right before me. In my experience, it’s unusual to encounter magic that strong.

My bond with the land was so deep and walking with the animals, the magic seemed like something I’d always known. The ways of it, the obviousness with which the people spoke of it were some of my first experiences in understanding my own gifts of sight.

In many ways, this was the beginning of years of study and all these years later, I realize it was the true birth of Sanctuary for the Shepherdess, the astral/virtual space I now offer, with video courses, private spiritual healing and mentorship programs. I love working directly with my clients; it’s where the magic truly happens for me.