The Long Walk: The Healing Journey Through Life

Our journey through life as seen by the nomadic Gypsy tribes, Latcho Drom are an ever-changing scenery of landscapes, both inside and out.

Shooting Stars and The Long Walk.

Aquarian Star.

Today I hear music up ahead. I see the pure shoreline of the far far southern coasts. Distant lands of sailors and cowboys in the late winter. I feel my feet walking along roads I’ve never been down.

The Long Road, or Latcho Drom in the Gypsy Rom language, to me is the acknolwedgment, the symbol and poetry of the continual cycles of experiences and growth we face.

It’s a churning, a brightness and restless ache to wander, to be consumed.

For some of us, there is no container. For some of us, we’re unbound by birth. Made of stars.

We long to feel the wind moving through us and create each moment by feel. We want magic all around us and it can be simple and inside of us.

To the sorrows of this life we tip our hats. And to the pulse of knowing, we dance; because somehow, someway, always we hear a distant music playing just up the road, ahead.