Energetic Comfort requires know-how.

And you’ve got to be able to use your intuition.

But what if your intuition is totally clouded, noisy, unclear, blocked or filled with noise from others?

It means you’ve got to organize it. 

You can handle just about anything when you know the rules of the game.

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How To Navigate Even When You Don’t Have A Map


Hey, I’m Katherine …I hope you join me for this video training. I spent years of my own life in discomfort and illness as a result of not knowing how to use my intuition. I had to find ways to heal from my past and study the mechanics of energy because the stakes were too high that I wouldn’t be able to bring my dreams into the world. After 15 years of figuring out how to function as a gifted, sensitive woman, I’ve created this starter course to introduce two psychic tools which have changed my life tremendously.