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Mentorship Programs

to care for sensitivities and

find your Personal Spiritual Design,

for sensitive women who struggle with believing in their psychic gifts.

so you can heal the past

and use your skills to support others.

Discover Your Personal Spiritual Design

Six-Elements to the Program


What is your type of Sensitivity?

Whether it is energetic, empathic, psychic or mediumship in nature, identify and clarify the way you energetically relate to the world, as well as, validate the struggle and the strengths inherent.


What is the degree of your Sensitivity?

How strongly you are effected by the sensory world and how much the effects are running your life matter a great deal. Which ever the type, this will be different for everyone. When you can see, from a mechanical perspective, the degree of your own sensitivities, you can learn to put them to the best use for you, your loved ones and the world around you.


How are you Designed?

You have a unique way you’re open to the world and an extremely personalized role you are playing. Understanding this and knowing how to protect yourself energetically results in greater comfort, aligned personal choices and the ability to create a safe space for your own pursuits.


Tool Building and Practice

These are practical tools and intimate, personalized conversations to clarify your progress, address topics in your life and build your own psychic skills with pragmatic training.



Receive remote, spiritual healing to clear limiting beliefs, past trauma, karmic debt, relationship patterns and anywhere you cannot have your own unique psychic gifts in comfortable, successful ways. We also explore the theory of healing and how it works in your life.


Spiritual Anatomy

I share with you the manuscript of what I understand to be the anatomy of the invisible world and how it forms the physical realm. These include the chakras and many other aspects of the unseen governing forces which define our lives. Here is where you can really understand the mechanics of “psychic”, “medium”, and “empath” and how they come to pass in your own life, among many other benefits.

Join me for

3-Month Mentorship

Click the video below to get to know me a bit:

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Welcome, I’m Katherine.



I dedicate what I have learned in my own journey to assisting your potential.

My mentorship program is the passionate manifestation of this vision.

I invite you to grow with me. 


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