Self-Actualization Mentorship for Women 

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is something very much like your own very specific way that life breathes into you.

The answers to the challenge of knowing how to change the patterns in your life and wield your own greatest powers are often buried inside of your personal design.

When you arrive to the same struggles time and again, despite all your efforts to gain different ground, it is time take a deep look closely at why.

Your natural sensitives are typically perceived as weakness because they cause you to loose your own ground while you’re busy trying to protect yourself, recover from an event or walk beside someone in their time of need, lending all of your strength you have for you own life, to them.

You discover in this program, the specifics of your Personal Spiritual Design and the strategy you need to wield it as a sensitive woman.

This is separated into 3 main categories:

1.Your pre-dispositions you came in with at birth: your Astrology, Human Design and Gene Keys.

2.Your Level of Sensitivity and how it presents itself: whether you are energetically sensitive, empathic, psychic or a medium and how strong this is for you.

3.Your psychic know-how: or the tools you will put into place to manage the information you “get” as a sensitive woman.

This Program draws a road map for you to learn to manage your gifts, and not just as a generalized tool. These are tools that are yours, just for you and when you learn to use them, you will also be able to access your gifts. No longer at the whim of your sensitivities, you learn to wield your own power through your vulnerabilities, in the seen and unseen, embracing and deepening your choice.

This Programs bring you tangible results in feeling more energetically at ease with a deeping understanding of yourself, an ability to energetically protect yourself, the knowledge of how to give yourself healings, replenishment, spiritual cleaning and the ability to make choice uniquely for yourself as you change and grow.



Program Outline

Option 1:

Mentorship Program:

Level 1

1 Month of Personal Spiritual Design Strategy and the applications. There is much to cover in this 1-month and you will able to gain a new, level-ground. Meet with me once a week for 4 weeks by phone or video conference call.

Level 2

Continuation for 2 Months of your Personal Spiritual Design Strategy, go onto develop psychic skills and to receive spiritual healings in order to assimilate and define your own true gifts.

Option 2:

Full Mentorship Program:  

This is the full 3 month program contained and maintained for your optimized growth. Define your Personal Spiritual Design Strategy, learn to apply it to your life, develop psychic skills and receive healings in order to purify and reset your understanding of your gifts. Approach your sensitivities as the whole package, meeting with me once a week for 12 weeks by phone or video conference call.

Week 1:  Your Life Strategy Reading.

A curated exploration of your soul's purpose. I use your natal information to showcase the ways you are born to show-up in the world.  The Human Design and Gene Keys information highlight the specifics about your way of being in the world, opening the secrets locked in your genes, your unique ways of having relationships, the ways you were born to make your choices and the roles you are best suited towards. Our first meeting will be an hour-long sharing of these findings and you keep the information in a pdf for your own use and ongoing exploration.  

Week 2-12:  Life Strategy Application, Spiritual Healing and Psychic Training.

I assist you in uncovering your patterns, blockages and weak spots from a psychic, pragmatic perspective, applying consistent healing and analytical movement to these places in order for you to make the healing change you want for your life .  These results will take you deeper inside of your life circumstances, yourself and will give you the tools to know how to continue to explore beyond this Program.  To read more about the individual components of my mentorship program, please click here.  


Program Cost

Level 1 and level 2 can be booked in full at a discounted price. $1777

Level 1 - miniature mentorship program - first month - 4 weekly sessions - $708

Level 2 - second two months - 8 weekly sessions - $1240

Full Program - three months - 12 weekly sessions - $1948 when paid by weekly automatic subscription or $1777 when paid upfront in full

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