Katherine Barnidge

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Your energy is yours.

This class is for you:

If you know what it’s like to feel energetically drained, manipulated or overpowered.

If fear of being overpowered, hurt or side-tracked has caused you to hide yourself and your true gifts.

If you’re ready to understand the source of your own power and the beauty which naturally shines in you.

Powerful Beauty I Beautiful Power: The Sensitive Woman’s Guide

6-Part Video Course

It’s amazing to “be sensitive”— it means you’re open to life.

This class will help you show-up even WITH your senses warning you of overwhelm. You’ll learn how to give yourself room so you can breathe your own spiritual light and stand your ground to dream and live as you always intended.

Join me in this Video Course in order to:

1. Create a language for and relationship to the world of your senses.

2. Validate why you’ve had to hide some parts of yourself.

3. Learn the anatomy of your senses and activate your natural, spiritual beauty.

4. Understand your feminine energy so you can have the kind of power that’s right for your body.

5. Gain 3 important psychic skills you can use anytime, anywhere without needing to stop and meditate.

6. Practice using your psychic skills to understand and heal energetic attacks.

I’m teaching this because it’s my story too.

It took me a long time to find the answers I am presenting in this very special course. I spent most of my life very uncomfortable, ruled by the need to find comfort and keep it at all costs, bound to other people’s life stories more than my own, stuck in the past and unable to make any progress towards my soul-level goals; my real reasons for being alive. I’ve used all of these tools to change my own life and I hope you’ll join me in this course because I know they can change yours too!

This class is not for those who don’t understand how much energy effects their life.

This class is not for those unwilling to put in the effort to make change.

And it’s not for women who don't have a strong sensory experience of life.

It’s for you if you’re ready to grab the reins of energetic discomfort and make real, lasting changes in the way you function as a sensitive, perceptive soul.

Powerful Beauty I Beautiful Power: The Sensitive Woman’s Guide

With your course purchase you’ll get:

  • Evergreen access to the Videos.

  • A Private link to video course portal sent to your email upon purchase.

  • 6 Videos delivered over 2 weeks; 10-20 minutes in length.

  • PDF of Spiritual Anatomy

  • Exercises, journal suggestions and mediations with each video.

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