Katherine Barnidge's Self-Actualization Mentorship Program

Katherine Barnidge's Self-Actualization Mentorship Program


For sensitive women who struggle with believing in your psychic gifts, the task of understanding yourself can feel overwhelming. It can feel like trying to understand the whole world and every tiny piece, simultaneously.

By finding your unique Personal Spiritual Design you can significantly heal the past, grow in your awareness, quit shutting down your senses and inevitably, use your gifts to serve others.

There’s nothing more powerful than the ability to be soft, relaxed; to get out-of-the-way and this takes knowing what you’re here for and what you’re not. It takes being able to organize the energetic world and you have a very unique way that you’re designed to do this.

Join me for the 12 week Self-Actualization Mentorship Program, $149/session or $1700 when paid in full. You have the choice to meet weekly or biweekly.

This is really where the magic happens, where the rubber meets the road and where you take the foundation of your spiritual/energetic life into your own hands. Please look forward to huge transformation during our time together and to be guided and nurtured all along the way.

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