People are saying…

She blows my mind! Spot on every time. You can feel the love in what she does.
— Chantelle Tibbs, Los Angeles, California
Kate! You cosmic poet-nurturer-counselor-healer! Thank you for your years of friendship, guidance, patience, listening, and your sincere intent to help. My gratitude is beyond. This work is your calling, and I’m so grateful to have you as my touchstone, friend, healer & psychic peer. Please keep the world lit with your bright light & fairy dust!!!” 
— ♥️ Rev. April Wood
I could not have possibly imagined how much one “human being” can change your life. Kate has opened my mind to an entire galaxy of information about the way that this world operates, but more importantly she has touched my soul. The work that Kate does is utterly incomparable to anything I’ve ever experienced. I was quite familiar with her work before I joined the mentorship program so I knew that it was going to be life changing, but I didn’t know how. Over the course of three months we wandered in and out of conversation, silence, deep emotion, destruction and an abundance of healing. Blockages were released and pictures were cleared.. Each and every single session was such an incredibly profound & intense experience. Every session was vastly different from the last. It changed my life instantaneously.

Kate helped me uncover massive truths I did not know existed. She helped bring awareness to many unhealthy relationships that stemmed from deeply rooted agreements. She cleared heavy, stuck, dense baggage that I did not even know was there. Kate helped rewrite agreements that I had with family, friends, strangers and beings. With Kate’s soothing guidance, I was able to unleash an entirely new me.

There is so very much more that I could say, but simply do not know how to contain it into words. I could not recommend this mentorship program enough. It will surely change your life and send you off on a majestic, wild ride. Buckle up & enjoy.

Bailey Toksoz
Mentorship Program
I have received hands on healing from Kate and have also had the pleasure of receiving her pychic insight and guidance. She is a true healer and seerer, and is also an amazingly strong and compassionate ally to have in your life. If you are on a journey of healing and self discovery, I encourage you to say YES to working with Kate.
— Rosa Harper, Austin, Texas
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I have been amazed at the work that has been accomplished in my body through the gift of Kate’s therapy.  She has helped to loosen up parts of me that have been tightened up for years.
— Jan Stinger, Austin, Texas
I wish I could describe the impression that your presence (and imagery) invokes. A beautiful combination of serenity, strength, and creative inspiration... except none of these are quite *it* You are a very powerful and beautiful being, Kate.

—  Amie Lenore Wylder, Austin, Texas
My intuition knows the truth. Yet I was confused by a lot of difficult life events. . .and Katherine helped me confirm it and find a remedies that work.

I’ve faced some unique challenges, and at the same time I feel pretty capable.
I’ve gone through a phase recently where I felt super stuck. I’ve worked with other coaches and facilitators to try to figure this out. And I never got answers that truly felt helpful or right. Katherine helped me dig into my makeup to understand more clearly and deeply. 

When I’ve needed help in making bigger changes, she was there with me patiently and kindly through the work. It always feels like she leverages my skills and empowers me to do more. And adds her unique expertise on top. She’s wonderful to work with.  She’s quirky, unique and for a purpose. 
Katherine helped me understand myself more deeply. She has a process for characterizing a human makeup that digs pretty deep. And she takes care to help make it all clear. She helped me get clear on my purpose faster than anyone else I’ve worked with.

Sarah Weissinger
Mentorship Program
Kate is a clairvoyant and human being of the highest and most special caliber. A rare gem. Her readings and healings are consistently spot on, crystal clear, offered with grace, compassion, humor, personability, and professionalism. I cannot recommend Kate and her work highly enough. She is a joy to work with, a bright bright light, and has proven time and time again to be a complete and total godsend in the way her work has supported me in navigating my own life path.

—  Karis Anne Samson, Ann Arbor, Michigan
“Kate has helped me tremendously over the past few months through the Mentorship program. There were times that I thought I couldn’t continue to walk on this path of awareness, but she was able to guide me into a light with more clarity and compassion for my personal journey.

There were many occasions in which I was at a loss of words and trying to explain what I was feeling, but she was so in tune with my energy that she knew exactly what I was experiencing.

After the program I noticed how much more centered and grounded I felt. During those occasions that I felt high anxiety or confusion, I was able to practice techniques she offered for my growth.

I am beyond grateful for this work that Kate offers and dedicates so much of her life to. Her compassion is out of this world- and that is one of the greatest gifts she has. To truly understand, listen and feel.

I hope to always stay in contact with Kate even after the Mentorship Program!

Much Love

Jacqueline Gorton
Mentorship Program
I was turned completely inside out at the end of my last relationship. The mentorship with you opened the doorway to a new way of life for me. It has taken many months of inward focus to apply the truth that was uncovered into my life since we spoke. It was an incredible growing process, that at times was quite painful as it can be when you’re dissolving parts of yourself. I had such an inclination to turn things inward on myself and was attracting people that accentuated that. Through the course of the time together with you, I started to re-align and really see that a true relationship would never be unless I loved myself. If I love myself, I will know when someone is doing something unloving towards me. I have completely shifted from seeing how I should mold into what the world and others want and believing that I’m ‘wrong’ or don’t know enough, to being able to truly stand in my power. Not in a dominating way, but in an aligned peaceful and solid way. I have shifted into feeling and trusting my body more. Sensing when something affects me negatively which invites me to look further into what’s happening in my life. And most of all, I have finally begun to trust my intuition. Not ignoring that quiet voice inside anymore, relying on others to guide the way. I let myself guide the way now, and that’s how I know I’ll remain centered. The direction and focus that I received from you has completely transformed my life. I cannot thank you deeply enough for that.” —-Kristin Bruno Mentorship Program